CARE Groups

Host Homes & Facilitators:
(Check the calendar for dates and times & any changes)

Care Group - Youth

Sunday mornings at 9:30
Cedar Sanctuary - downstairs, 2nd room on right
Facilitators - Mary Samida & Reggie Lamb

Care Group  - in Buckley
Hosts - Tim & Lanny Fairbanks
Facilitator - Jan James

Care Group - in Buckley
Hosts - Danny & Carol Rogers
Facilitator - Danny Rogers


Facilitating Personal Growth and Development
Through Small Groups

A Strategic Plan for Pastoral Care
Through Lay Leadership in Small Groups

The small group is where true hands-on pastoral ministry is most likely to happen - where individual lives are most efficiently and effectively touched. And, anyone who is willing to submit to the discipleship process and mature in their relationship with both God and man is able to fulfill God's call to ministry on his or her life, beginning in small group ministry. These groups can be specialty groups, task or nurture oriented, homogeneous or not, meeting anywhere and at any time necessary to provide the care for those who need it. The personal touch necessary to grow into health is not possible in a group greater in number than a dozen or so, and must also have the inner-circle dynamic available through atomic groups of 2 or 3 persons. While the criticism of cliques is possible for these small groups, the greater danger is that without them intimate relationships will not be built, and personal, balanced, spiritual and social growth will not occur. We take the risk of possible unfair criticism in exchange for the greater benefit of probable spiritual and social health for both the individual and the Church as a whole.
CARE provides:

Community - Because we need each other! Community recognizes the value of family and our need for the safety of relationships to strengthen our faith. No one lives alone, and in relationship we can nurture the faith we have and restore the faith we've lost!

We share our lives in fellowship, become vulnerable, find protection, healing and restoration for our personal lives and our relationships with each other and with God. In relationship we find security, and security stimulates us to reach for our full potential.

Accountability - Because everyone needs someone! Accountability recognizes our need to make covenants and learn to love and be loved unconditionally. No one grows alone, and in relationship we refine the love we have and rekindle the love we've lost!

We grow and develop, make promises and commitments, assume responsibility and allow others to have influence and authority in our lives. Within accountable relationships we find intimacy, and intimacy provides the environment for growth.

Resource - Because everyone needs something! Resource recognizes our need for mutual sharing, and that we all need outside influence to help give us hope. No one person has everything or can do everything, and knowing others are there to invest in our lives can renew the hope we have and the hope we need!

We share and participate, give and receive, serve and are served, make contribution to others while allowing them to make contribution to our lives as well. In this accountable, sharing community we learn to be productive, and serving and producing enhances our sense of value and worth.

Encouragement - Because everyone needs support! Encouragement recognizes our need for reciprocal acceptance. We all need the support of others to encourage us to follow our dream. No one dreams alone, and as we share our lives in accountable relationship we can realize the dreams we hold dear and rebuild dreams that slipped away!

We listen and feel, are strengthened and renewed, bring healing and wholeness to one another, learning to bless and affirm, and affirmation gives the confidence to try great things.

Why do we CARE? Because we must continue to grow beyond who we are today, becoming strong and healthy! Health is a process and a life-style that is not limited to one-person relationships to strengthen our faith. We do not live to our self alone. My individual successes and failures are all shared by those close to me. As I attempt great things, not only am I benefited, but the community in which I live - those to whom I'm accountable and those who are my resource and encouragement - are benefited as well. As I find balance in my life I will find health. As I become more healthy, those around me, whom I influence, will become more healthy also. Jesus came that we might have life, and life is to be shared. When we share life, we get more healthy.