About God . . .

We have a doctrinal position on God . . . but first, a word about this word ‘doctrine’.  When the word ‘doctrine’ shows up in our Christian Bible it’s usually a translation of the Greek word for teaching, and encompasses both the process and the content.  So, when we say we have a ‘doctrinal position’, we’re hoping to convey that we believe and teach certain core concepts that we consider true – i.e. they comprise a significant component to our ‘faith structure’.  Let’s make personal application by saying our ‘faith structure’ is what we accept as truth and hold in faith.  Our understanding of faith is not what we can prove to be true because of facts, but what we hold as true and factual based on evidence that points toward what is possible.  Thus, our position of the existence of God and how we are choosing to follow and serve Him reflects our faith structure based on evidence that points toward His existence as a possibility rather than proof that establishes His existence as a fact.  We choose to believe that the information in the Bible is true and factual and base our lives on this as evidence.  
So, we believe and live a life of faith.  Let’s be honest about this and recognize that we all live by faith.  We all hold some stuff as true and live by it in spite of the fact that we can’t prove it to be true.  Many folks live by superstitions because they believe them to be true.  Superstitions are simply faith in something that has less evidence that would point toward its possibility than other components of faith that have more evidence pointing toward their possibility.  Some would say believing in a spiritual realm is simply superstition.  To the Christian, the spiritual realm and the existence of God is a matter of faith – it’s central to our faith structure.  Thus, we make some statements about God and call that our ‘doctrine’ – this we believe, this we live by and teach.  
Oh, one more thing about faith – if I say I believe but don’t live by it, there’s a serious question about whether or not I believe and an even bigger question of my integrity . . . and, a ‘Christian’ who doesn’t follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ of the Bible isn’t an authentic Christian.  At Cedar Community Church we want to be authentic Christians.  Now, about God . . .
Our Christian Bible gives us God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We hold that God is revealed as each simultaneously and thus appears to be each, all, only and simply, One God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Did you get that?  We don’t either!  
Our Christian Bible also gives us human-kind as a unique creation of God, called into being to walk in relationship with our Creator-God and with one another.  It appears the first called-into-beings failed to hold the intimate relationship with God in the sacred possibility He designed and desired – both with Him and with each other – and fell into what we refer to as ‘sin’.  The birth, life and death of Jesus Christ – as described in the Bible – is the answer God gives us to the question of life and makes it possible for us to walk in relationship with Him again.  We hold that significant relationship with God and each other is only possible as we design and live our lives according to the principles found in our Bible.
While we recognize there are many different and differing views of this Bible – and thus many differing faith structures in this Christian faith – we choose to not have conflict with or about any of the faith-structures in the world – Christian or not – and, at the same time, hold tenaciously to our doctrinal position.  While we contend for our faith, we attempt to not allow it to become contentious.  
So, there is God; He wants us to walk in relationship with Him; that relationship link is made possible through Jesus Christ; we must accept that relationship link and live by it and, through a supernatural process of the Spirit, we are transformed into the eternal possibility God has designed for us and we live eternally – starting now and not ending with death.  
Initialize the process:  “God, I need you!  I trust that Jesus of the Bible is who He said He was and commit to live by that truth.  I accept You as my Father, as Jesus my Lord, and as Holy Spirit my Teacher and Guide.  Thank You for supernaturally placing me into this process of Your amazing, miraculous, spiritual family!  Oh God, help!!  Here we go!”  
Now, click “go” in your brain and get this process going!  We think you need a healthy spiritual family to facilitate your growing process and we also believe CCC to be a healthy family where you could fit.  Click around our web-site, check out some of the other pages in our links and see what the Holy Spirit says to your spirit.  If you want to check us out some more, click on the “what to expect . . .” page under “About us”, take a deep breath and drop in on Sunday.  We think you’ll be glad you did.