Philosophy of Ministry

- Vision -
To be - who God wants us to be, doing what He wants us to do. To live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, fulfilling God's great hope for the world, that none should perish but that all should come to repentance through Jesus Christ. To us has been given the ministry of reconciliation - reconciling men to God.
A loving, caring, sharing, community of believers, reaching the unchurched of our ministry area for Jesus Christ.
- Identity -
Our distinction is that we are the Church of Jesus Christ, the people of God, the representation of the Kingdom of God on this earth today - in this period of time and in this physical location. As individuals we are children of God, and as we come together - physically, as we gather, and conceptually, as we agree together toward a common vision - we make up the Church, the gathering, the people, of God.
- Purpose -
It is the purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ in the world today to establish the Kingdom of God.
- Mission -
It is the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ to bring people out of the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light as established, fruitful followers of Jesus Christ.
- Strategic Plan -
The Strategic Plan of the Church of Jesus Christ is to:
1. Make Fellowship happen,
2. Make Discipleship happen, and
3. Make Evangelism happen.
- Governing Values -
Primary Values:
First of all, in pursuit of our mission, we acknowledge:
1. The Church belongs to God and is in existence by His design and to accomplish His purpose.
2. The Church is a living organism not a mechanical structure.
3. The Church is to be lead by spiritual leadership.
4. The ministry of the Church is carried out by the laity.
5. We maintain a firm doctrinal position but refuse to allow it to become contentious.
6. We take stands on issues but we are not issues oriented.
Secondary Values:
In accomplishing our mission and fulfilling our purpose, we will:
1. Promote spiritual growth and development in God's people to bring them to maturity in Christ.
2. Provide a safe and secure atmosphere which is conducive to prayer, praise, worship, fellowship and teaching of God's Word.
3. Encourage each one to participate in the gathering process by being both a giver and a receiver while not threatening or being threatened.
4. Bring wholeness by facilitating an atmosphere of loving, forgiving acceptance.
5. Foster a spirit of evangelism which encourages each one to share with others what God has done in their own life.
- Critical Objectives -
We have four Critical Objectives: Right relationships with God, family, Church, world . . .
1. To bring people into and help them build right relationship with God.
2. To encourage people to build right relationships in their family.
3. To facilitate, through teaching and modeling, the first two Critical Objectives through right relationships in the Church.
4. Believing all mankind need the first three, we foster right relationships in the world.
While these Critical Objectives are measurable - i.e. can be qualified and quantified - we must remember that quantity or quality are relative in this Spiritual business of God's Kingdom and we must be cautious that we not allow a measuring system - i.e. a method to reduce our objectives to a table of quality or amount - to replace the true vision of renewed, healed, healthy relationships in any number or quality and in all areas of our mortal life. As we look at Christ's parables we don't see a quality or quantity measurement.  What we do see is the overall objective that people be reconciled to God and learn to live in wholeness.
- Crucial Goals -
Crucial Goals are Ministry Opportunities - they present an opportunity for needs to be met and for people to meet them. As we develop ministries that fulfill our Strategic Plan within the confines of our Governing Values, our fellowship will buttress intimacy with God through worship and intimacy with our family by strengthening marriages and child rearing, and friendships through the Church and world and our ministry to the Church and world - equipping us to be better workers, etc.
These Ministry Opportunities will provide short term, measurable goals, that instigate, inspire and support those who serve in these ministries as well as those who are served through them.
As we develop ministry opportunities (Crucial Goals) that improve people's relationships 360 degrees, (meet our Critical Objectives) following both our Primary and Secondary Governing Values, meeting our Strategic Plan, we will accomplish our Mission, fulfill our Purpose and live our true Identity in boldness and integrity. And, the Father will approve, and all men will affirm who we are.