I'm new

So you’re new . . . to your Christian faith and this whole business of the Church?

Or simply to Cedar Community Church? 

"I'm new in my faith . . .

Well, if you feel young or new to the Christian faith, or feel a bit overwhelmed by this whole Church thing or are simply exploring this business of the Kingdom of God, Christian faith and what Church is all about, then we want to know how we can help you . . . what can we do for you?  Check out the information we've provided here on the web-site to see if we answer your questions.  We encourage you to check out our "What to expect . . ." page, take a deep breath and stop by on Sunday.

"I'm new to Cedar Community Church . . ."

If, on the other hand, you feel strong in your faith, mature in your walk with God, well seasoned in the journey, competent in the process, then we want to know what you can do for us - how you can help us accomplish what we believe God has called, commissioned, assigned and uniquely positioned us to accomplish in and for His Kingdom.  What Spiritual gifts, matured abilities, life experiences and unique positioning do you bring to the table to offer in this significant ministry endeavor called Cedar Community Church?  Your question should be whether or not you resonate with our vision and whether or not the Holy Spirit is directing you to serve God and His people through CCC.  Please ask the Holy Spirit what He's saying to you about your purpose and mission in life and check "Are you looking for a place to serve in ministry . . ." under our "More Info" tab.


If you need more information or you want to contact us with a question, simply e-mail us at info@cedarcommunitychurch.org and we'll get back to you.