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Are you looking for a place to serve in ministry . . .
Perhaps you've already been to our "I'm new . . ." page - this is a continuation of "I'm new to Cedar Community Church." 
We want to challenge you - if you consider yourself to be more mature in your faith and are either new to our community and ministry area or are considering changing Church families - that we're not here for folks to find a new place just because they're irritated with their present or former Church family.  We want to make it clear that we're on a mission to accomplish what we believe to be the purposes of God for His Church in this world today, not make established Christians happy and comfortable.  We have absolutely no problem with how other church families or ministries envision God's purposes and choose to express them, and, we're absolutely, unalterably committed to our vision - how we envision God's purposes and choose to express and pursue them. 
If you consider yourself to be a maturing Christian but are primarily focused on and concerning yourself with what we can do for you, we need to talk:  If you're in crisis or experiencing some degree of trauma, and are in need of safety, encouragement, nurture and healing, you’ll find us to be a gracious, kind, nurturing family intent on facilitating wholeness. 
However, expecting a Church to do for you could indicate that you’re not nearly so mature as you’d like for both of us to believe and would come to CCC with personal agendas, unrealistic expectations, unreasonable demands and non negotiable requirements.  If this is true to any degree, it’s highly unlikely that you would ever find a spot in ministry with CCC where you would feel like you fit, are accepted and fulfilled – not because you couldn’t fit, or because we wouldn’t want to accept you or because you couldn’t be fulfilled, but because we have a strong leadership team that has made mutual commitment to be mutually accountable around our dream, and have set boundaries around our personal lives and our corporate identity and are committed to guarding that which we believe God has entrusted to us . . . at which point you might conclude that we’re difficult to get along with and move on to another church family, or, a better attitude, simply decide we're not a mutual fit and continue your search for the right place for you to be in ministry. 
As we mature in our walk with God, we come to recognize that we are called to a life of service, not of leisure, and while it’s appropriate and right to take time out to rest, it’s never appropriate to simply quit.  Sometimes we meet crisis and need some space, and sometimes we suffer a trauma and need some time to heal . . . and it may be safe to assert that it’s never appropriate to just give up and quit. 
So, if you’re growing and maturing in your faith, becoming aware of who you are before God, getting a grip on why God created you, becoming committed to what you’re here to accomplish in this universe and committed to influence others from your position of authority to discover and pursue these same components to their life, then you need to be asking some serious questions: 
Where has God placed me?  What role am I to fill?  What tasks am I to accomplish?  Where is it God has assigned me?  What role has God assigned me to fill and play on this team?  What tasks are mine to accomplish?  Has God called me?  What has God called me to?  Has God given me an assignment?  Where has or is God placing or assigning me?  What am I to accomplish for Him – tasks . . . projects . . .
Cedar Community Church is all about healthy relationships with our God, our families, our Church and our world.  We’re committed to authenticity – no games, no gimmicks, no pretense . . .
We’re focused on being committed to living spiritually healthy in authentic relationship with God.
We’re committed to living emotionally healthy in relationship with one another. 
We’re committed to the process that’s required to live in this quality of health – i.e. we know healthy living is a process and a journey, not an event or a destination. 
And, we’re committed to passing this wonderful life on to others – anyone who will stop long enough to listen.  
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