Men of Faith

There's more than one way to live your life:
You can live in fear,
you can live in a dream world,
you can live to fulfill your passions,
you can work for acceptance,
you can live for money,
you can fight for approval,
you can try to please people,
you can float with a culture,
you can get your life out of a glass
or bottle,
or off of a plate,
or sniff it up your nose,
smoke it,
or play with it - the options are nearly endless . . .......

or you could live a life of faith.
The miracle of freedom is that we get to choose. Choice - both the curse and the blessing of freedom. We choose to be men of faith.  We choose to walk with men who choose the same. Christianity is all about freedom, hope, faith . . . exercising choice. What's yours? What kind of man are you? Ever wonder?  Join us.  You'll be welcomed.
"Men of Faith" meets on the 3rd Sunday evening of the month. We bring our own meal or munchies, (but sometimes the pastor guy makes a man-sized pot of soup for us) starting about 6:30pm, in the Fellowship Hall. We're back from Christmas break now, and we're looking at the little letter by James brother of Jesus.  Give us a call or send off an e-mail to check up on us.
Pastor Dale Pratt - 253-709-9474, or or . . .
For more information, email: