Once again I’m apologizing for the delay in posting – I’m finally returning to some semblance of normal after our really wonderful Memorial Day Weekend church campout.  We had a great time sitting around the fire together, sharing food and having good conversation – no big heavy stuff, just great life-sharing conversation.  It was an easy week, but good camping does take work, other than being at home, and the payoff is no temptation to do the projects around the house we would have done if we’d have stayed at home.  It was good!
We’re in the third month of reading through the book of the Psalms in a way we haven’t done before – we’re taking three months to read through it and this month we finish.  I intend to keep meditating my way along, reading a couple of chapters each day, meditating a bit on what I’m finding, and I hope to carry that meditation through the day with me – I intend to find a word, or the turn-of-a-word, or a phrase, or a whole verse, that’ll stick with me for the day.  I want to discover more of the Person and character of God Himself as I read, so I intend to meditate on the words of the psalmists to find the What and Who they say God is, and then see how I should or can apply those truths in my own life.
Some days are gonna be longer reads, and some much shorter reads, and on the really short days I may add some other reading as well, but my focus is always gonna be on a new, or renewed, discovery of the character of God Himself.  So, once again, I’m inviting you to join me on this simple adventure, and let’s see if God shows Himself to us in some freshness we’ve not seen before as we wander along through these heart-felt, soulful reflections.  Take some notes, and I’d enjoy hearing from you as we move along.  I’m looking forward to reading these words again, and seeing what the Holy Spirit is gonna whisper to me.  Thanks for joining me – I love traveling companions!
Shalom, D.P. 

Devotional Reading Calendar – June 2022

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday




Ps. 93, 94 

Ps. 95, 96 

Ps. 97, 98

Ps. 99, 100

Ps. 101, 102 

Ps. 103, 104

Ps. 105, 106

Ps. 107, 108

Ps. 109, 110
Ps. 111, 112
Ps. 113, 114
Ps. 115, 116
Ps. 117, 118
Ps. 119:1-59
Ps. 119:59-118
Ps. 119:118-176
Ps. 120-122
Ps. 123-125
Ps. 126-128
Ps. 129-130
Ps. 131, 132
Ps. 133, 134
Ps. 135, 136
Ps. 137, 138
Ps. 139, 140
Ps. 141, 142
Ps. 143, 144
Ps. 145, 146
Ps. 147, 148
Ps. 149, 150