Proverbs 17:4  --  A wicked man listens to evil lips;
a liar pays attention to a malicious tongue.  NIV
And now, for my second log . . . it’s important what and who I listen to.  My experience is that our universe is full of voices, and noises, competing for space to be heard.  And my ears are gonna hear something, and tune into something, and listen to what’s being said, and my mental capacity will put that stuff on some shelf or file in my brain, and my life will be affected by it.  Fact!
If I’m hearing Solomon correctly, and if he’s speaking truth, then what I listen to defines me more than I want to admit!  One mark of a guy who’s life is broken and spoiled is that he pays attention to lips that speak evil, wrong stuff, and a mark of the untruthful, deceitful person is that they pay attention/lean their ears toward a tongue that speaks mischievous things.  There’s a backward engineering reality that a person who listens to the wrong stuff will also say the wrong stuff and live the wrong way. 
I’m not saying that it’s always comfortable, but I find Solomon spends about as much time telling me what not to listen to as he does telling me positive stuff that I need to be paying attention to!  I need to pay as close attention to the warnings as I do to the wisdom I need to be incorporating in my life.

“Thank you, Solomon!”