For your interest, perhaps, today’s picture is another 'stunning' full-moon shot in Buckley.  This time it’s a Blue Moon, because it’s a second full moon within a calendar month, which only happens every couple or three years. I enjoy the natural phenomenon of things like full moon, and sunrise and sunset – even more spectacular if it happens to be over the ocean – the miracle of how trees and gardens and babies grow, and a thousand other simple processes that our heavenly Father has programmed into our earthly existence.  I’m even ok with the process of my hair turning gray and falling out on top, and it still amazes me how this ridiculous little process just happens without either my help or hindrance.  It’s predisposed to happen, so it does, as a natural process of nature in my very own personal life!  And, in some sort of like manner, there’s a growth process for my Spiritual life that’s been predisposed by my Father, and I can help or hinder this process, and as I pay attention to it, I’m nourished and strengthened in my spiritual and soul man, and my physical being is also benefitted as I pay attention to my Spiritual growth and development. So, some comments on devotional reading this month . . .

I want to finish up the summer of devotional reading with some of the writings of the apostles in the New Testament, and a little added challenge from some of the prophets of the Old Testament . . . if your have the time and courage.  I’m not pretending that some of this reading is easy, or simple, but it is at least interesting, enlightening, and will cause some serious introspection. 
I do suggest the process is quite simple, however:  Simply dedicate a little time when you can be quiet, in some space where you can be still; perhaps pour a cup of coffee, or another refreshing beverage suitable for these beautiful summer days, and open your Bible and start reading.  Oh!  Open one more thing:  Open your heart to whatever the Holy Spirit might want to say to you. 
If you get through with your reading, and it seems like you haven’t heard anything from Him, do two things:  First, take a look at how you’ve spent this time and honestly assess if you’ve had your head in your devotional time or if your mind has been off somewhere else while you’ve been reading.  Don’t beat yourself up over this, but see if you can get your attention to come back while you’re meditating with God.  Secondly, if it’s just that you couldn’t connect with these writings on some particular day, accept that it might not have been your day or there simply wasn’t something specific for you here today, but don’t disparage the quiet time you’ve spent before God and the moments you’ve dedicated to being with Him.  Then, go out and enjoy your day, knowing the Holy Spirit is still with you, no matter how or if you made a good connection in your devotional reading time.  Enjoy August!