The Proverbs reading for today – Proverbs 16 – begins by saying:  “To man belong the plans of the heart, but from the Lord comes the reply of the tongue.”  (NIV)  and ends with:  “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.”  (NIV)

I have a plan for Sunday, and I’m of the opinion that it has provoked God’s smile, and His blessing . . . 

The Seahawks are playing a home game, with kick-off shortly after noon.  So Sunday at Cedar’s gonna be a one hour gathering time, with God and some of His favorite peeps!  The band’s gonna fire up with a couple of songs, and we’re gonna relax with prayer time and not rush it, and then I’m gonna bless the kids and send them to class, and then we’re gonna skip coffee break and go straight to the next two points I left undone in my sermon last week – you heard me right!  I’m not gonna finish this marathon sermon this week – and we’re gonna go enjoy the Seahawks and cheer at the screen! 
I’ve watched more football in the last 6 months than in the entire first whole-bunch-of years of my life before the Hawks became world champs.  Am I now some sort of huge football fan?  No!  But I am enjoying the games, and I’m enjoying hanging out with my family and talking about the good plays with my family and friends.  It’s fun!  I’m of the opinion God must have fun . . . somewhere . . . maybe by simply watching us have fun . . . if He didn’t have fun, why would we have some capacity for fun?  We’re made in His image, right?  Hmmmmm
So, an hour together in the Big Room on Cedar Street in Buckley, then off to our smaller family gatherings to hang with some good friends and family, and enjoy some good food and refreshments. 
There you have it, boys and girls!  My exceedingly spiritual thoughts for the moment.  I promise you that my sermon will be a whole bunch more spiritual that the football game, but we’re gonna have fun then too! 
See ya Sunday, 10:40-11:40, then, BYE!