Psalms 119:9  --  How can a young man keep his way pure?
By living according to your word.  NIV
Today’s reading is Psalm 119, which is the longest chapter in the Bible, and is full of commitment to the importance and authority to God’s Word.  I have several life navigational verses in this text . . .
Verse 9 was my challenge when I was a teenager.  It stayed my challenge through my 20’s and into my 30’s, and now, I’m old enough that I have to talk about ‘feeling young-at-heart’, and even though I may feel younger than my years, I find my body will not react and respond and keep up like it did when I was actually young . . . and, if I want to claim young-at-heart, I’m under the counsel of this text anyway.  So, I find myself asking again and again, “How can I live a clean, pure life?”
This text is a word about process, and first I answer the question if I want to live a clean life.  If my answer is “Yes.”, then I set my course to live a clean life . . . and if I don’t know how to do it, I ask some questions, and expect to get some good answers.
God is my go-to for life, and this holy book, the Bible, is my go-to for information about God.  As I take in His information, and pattern my life after what I learn, my life is changed and I find I’m getting what I want.  Humor a personal rendition of Psalm 119, verses 9 through 11 (the Psalmist is talking to God)
How is it that a young man is able to keep his journey pure and clean?
By living it out in harmony with what You have to say.
As I pursue You with all of my inner being,
Please don’t let me wander off from what You are requiring of me.
I have treasured and stored up what You have to say to me,
So that I won’t miss You, and what You have for me.
This kind of commitment feels risky, but it really is the safest, in the long run!  I’m all-in for it!