Proverbs 25:2  --  It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;
to search out a matter is the glory of kings.  NIV
There are times when I scratch my head about how God does things . . . as I’ve grown along I’ve come to, not only an acceptance of God’s ways . . . or how it looks like God has designed things to be, but also a deep peacefulness around His ways.  I’ve come to the place that I talk about my relationship with God as my walk with God, and doing things God’s way.  I’m reminded today that God sometimes doesn’t make it really easy to get my firm grip on His matters, but I’ve come to recognize that He doesn’t hide stuff so I can’t find it, but so that I’ll be purposeful about my search, my journey, my quest!  And I’ve made my decision that I’m committed and purposeful about this stuff.  And, as I search out Godly matters, I not only come to understand the issues better, but I also come to a perception of God’s glory itself!  The light, the brightness the source of really good . . . goodness/rightness!  I’m impatient, and I like things to be easy, but quality takes focus and time.  Understanding isn’t a simple plot in the story line of a make-believe story, but a real-life flow and how pieces fit to make the life flow better . . . not always easier, or simpler, or more fun, but better, and therefore it becomes simpler, and easier, and a lot more fun!  It takes time for the fun to show up sometimes, but as I live in that faith, and time passes, I find that the revelation is beautiful, and my life is really a lot more fun.  Being a person that was born with a deep appreciation for fun, I love the outcome of searching out a matter, and the finding of God’s glory makes me feel, not only like I’m having fun, but like I’m a king as well!