New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014! 
As I was finishing out 2013, I spent some time looking back – way back, to my later teen years – to when I first really encountered both Psalms and Proverbs.  I remember that David challenged me, in Psalm 1, who I shouldn’t be listening to in my life, and what I should be focusing my attention on – we’re talking serious meditation here – if I want a prosperous life.  Then Solomon challenged me to pay attention to him, and what he has to say, in his rather intensive and extensive tome of wisdom, if I desire a prosperous and wise life.  He details both whom I should stay away from and whom I should pay close attention to . . . and some rather explicit notes on where I’ll end up if I don’t pay close attention to him.
What I did, those long years ago, was make the decision that I wanted to be like the tree that’s planted by streams of water, (Psalm 1) yielding good fruit in proper season, and whose leaf doesn’t wither, and whatever I do prospers!  I even crossed out “my son” – in the first three chapters of Proverbs – in my old devotional Bible, and wrote “Dale” in the text, because I’ve taken it personally and to heart!  I went on to focus my meditation and reading time on these two books, in a methodical pattern.  And I have no idea how many times I’ve read these books through, on the schedule I’m putting out this month, but I’m still at it.  If I’m gonna read anything for devotional reading, it’s gonna be these readings.  And, each time I read these first two chapters, on the first day of the month, I’m reminded again of the commitments I made before God all those years ago.  I’m still on the journey, and I’m offering it to us as we start the New Year . . . let’s start it out right!