Devo reading today is Proverbs 12

Proverbs 12:1  --  Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
but he who hates correction is stupid.  NIV
My question today is around my tolerance for pain and pressure . . . because if I love knowledge, as I say that I do, and if I have a healthy aversion to stupidity, which I say that I do, then I must be willing to submit myself to a process that often demands more attention than is comfortable. 
The ‘discipline’ of the first phrase is instructive chastisement, and the ‘correction’ of the second phrase is corrective chastisement.  The first is submitting myself to the discipline of learning new things, and the second is submitting myself to the discipline of correcting/un-learning old things.  These two words carry a hard edge to them.  This is not grade school with a nice, gentle teacher trying to make learning fun for me.  This education is a step beyond.  This is what committed discipleship requires.  The life-giving quality of this level of learning takes discipline.  I recognize that my lead teacher is the Holy Spirit, and He has a team of teachers working with Him that are intent on bringing me to new levels of maturity. 
“Thank you, God, for not giving up on me!”